Mayflower Congregational Church is a church family of 1000 members that seeks to love God, neighbor and ourselves.

Our worship is traditional, but our ministries are diverse, innovative, and strive to impact the world by honoring the dignity of all of God's children.


Upcoming Events

March 10 - Sacred Dimensions
The Grand Rapids Symphony, Organist Jonathan Tuuk, and the Mayflower Chancel Choir at 7:30 p.m.

March 11
- Worship at 10:30
Portraits of Lent - 4
A Portrait of Faith
Rev. Lynn Barger Elliott
Music: The Chancel Choir and the 3rd-8th Grade Combined Choir

March 11- After worship
Lenten Workshop - Walking with God: The Labyrinth Life

Portraits of Lent
Workshop/Experience Opportunities

March 25 - April 1
Holy Week Worship Services